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Вторник , 19 января 2021
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Military experts on invulnerability of S-400

A day before Turkish Milliyet reported that the country’s armed forces managed to neutralize the anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, deployed from Russia to Syria to cover the actions of the Russian Airspace Forces. The Turkish army has set its latest radio-electronic systems Koral on the problematic part of the border with Syria, making the Russian missiles «deafblind», writes the newspaper. In theory, it’s possible to affect the S-400, says Mikhayil Khodaryenok, editor-in-chief of the «Aerospace defense» journal, military expert.

«I do not have the information about the Turkish system Koral, and can not say whether it is able to neutralize the Russian systems, but the S-400, as well as all radio-electronic devices, can be exposed to various types of interference. The S-400 has its own system of protection against jamming, but it does not guarantee 100% protection against electronic attacks,»- mentions Mikhayil Khodaryenok in his interview to RUSARMINFO.

To neutralize the Russian S-400 is absolutely impossible, says Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the «National Defense» journal.

«Turkey can not neutralize our latest anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, as they were originally designed and created to suit all kinds of radio interference. This system is able to work and carry out combat missions in the conditions of specially organized electronic effects of adversaries, and Turkey is unable to create problems for the operation of the S-400,» says Igor Korotchenko in his interview to RUSARMINFO.

Note: According to the Turkish sources, the essence of the station Koral is the complete suppression of enemy signals of electronic equipment, in particular — radar systems. The Koral is also able to «misinform» missiles and radar systems of an adversary, giving them false information.

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