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Alexander Gusyev: “Iran is building a road through Azerbaijan because of Armenian leadership’s indifference»

The draft plan on the new transit route, connecting Iran’s southern port of Bandar Abbas with the EU through the territory of the CIS countries, is in the development process, as announced by official representative of the Iranian Railways Hassan Ashouri.

“The route will include railways and roads. It will pass through the territory of Georgia and Azerbaijan. The project will bring together Russia and Finland,” told Press TV Ashouri.

Armenia is repeatedly left out of another major economic project because of the passivity and temporizing policy of the Armenian leadership, says Alexander Gusyev, head of the Center for Strategic Development of CIS States at the Institute of Europe, the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“Azerbaijan has been active, taking advantage of the removal of sanctions on Iran, while Armenia has lost a lot of opportunities for cooperation. Meanwhile, the country had a lot more opportunities than Azerbaijan to deepen economic ties with Iran,” told RUSARMINFO Alexander Gusyev.

However, Iran is ready to cooperate with Armenia in various fields, and Tehran prefers the cooperation with Armenia to Baku due to the Azerbaijan’s support to Turkey, believes the expert.

“The lack of in-depth cooperation between Yerevan and Tehran is the fault of the Armenian leadership. I’m very surprised because of the glaring omission of the Armenian leadership. Currently Iran has a balanced stance between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but such economic projects can push Iran towards Azerbaijan,” said Alexander Gusyev.

The new transport route is designed specifically for the transit of goods to the EU, bypassing Turkey. As a result of the project, the transportation of goods will be reduced from 45 to 23 days.

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