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Понедельник , 18 января 2021
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CSTO Aviation will provide transfer of forces to any place

Deputy Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Valery Semerikov has announced that the proposal for the establishment of collective air forces of the organization is in the process. «We have prepared a proposal based on the decision of the Council of Collective Security on the establishment of the CSTO collective air force, which will provide direct transfer of our forces and resources,» he told reporters on Sunday. According to him, the collective air force will quickly throw the forces and means of CSTO in a particular conflict zone. He has also said that one of the main tasks undertaken in Pskov military exercises of the CSTO forces is to ensure the arrival / transfer of CSTO forces in any part of the collective security in a matter of hours. In his interview to RUSARMINFO, editor-in-chief of «Aerospace defense» journal, Mikhail Khodarenok has expressed the view that any military alliance should have all the components of the armed forces: military air forces, naval and air forces. The last component, according to the military expert, plays a crucial role in the activities of the military forces.

«The aviation component of the CSTO will be the most mobile, and at such a scale aviation area will be able to provide the most efficient transfer of CSTO forces in a particular region or conflict zone of collective security,» mentions Khodarenok. According to him, the establishment of the air units of the CSTO is also associated with risks of proliferation of aggressive Islam in the Central Asian strategic region and the grouping of the Islamic State. These threats, though somewhat exaggerated at a given time, according to the expert, for an adequate response to those challenges are essential. Note: Today the large-scale exercises of collective rapid reaction forces of the CSTO «Interaction-2015» have been launched. They are attended by about two thousand fighters from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. The main tasks of the military are to eliminate armed conflict, restore territorial integrity and protect the constitutional order of a conditional CSTO member state.

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