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Armenia bans the import of poultry products from Turkey

Armenia’s State Food Safety Service imposed a ban on the import of poultry products from Turkey. Under the decree signed by the Head of the service, Armen Hayrapetyan the ban entered into force on May 7 and it will last until the official cancellation. The ban applies to imports of live poultry, poultry products, feathers, hatching eggs, meat and feed (except the feed containing synthetic and chemical substances), as well as to plastic and cardboard boxes and pads. The ban is imposed in order to prevent the penetration of Avian influenza (type H5N1) recently reported in Turkey into Armenia. The State Food Safety Service has declared that all other agricultural commodities imported from Turkey are subject to mandatory laboratory examinations, and their import into the territory of Armenia is permitted only in case of absence of any inconsistency.

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