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House arrest of Levon Hayrapetyan will be kept until July 15

This decision was made by the Basmanny court of Moscow on Monday morning. Thus, from October 3 the period of detention Levon Hayrapetyan’s house arrest is extended for the second time. The representative of prosecutor’s office declared that «the case against Hayrapetyan severed in connection with the quick completion of the investigation». Levon Hayrapetyan’s lawyer announced that his client is no longer accused of legalization of illegally obtained bankrolls, in connection with the substantiation of arguments of the investigation. Lawyers say that the Moscow city court in the absence of evidence and arguments of the prosecution is delaying the decision despite the poor condition of the Armenian philanthropist. Levon Hayrapetyan was detained July 15, 2014. He was charged under article 174 criminal code of the Russian Federation. Levon Hayrapetyan is known as a big businessman, who actively participates in the development of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. The  patron also allocates bankrolls for the maintenance of cultural projects in Russia.

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