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Воскресенье , 28 февраля 2021
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Igor Korotchenko: «The transfer of the S-400 to Armenia is an objective necessity»

In the context of the Russian-Turkish confrontation, the experts note the need to strengthen the Russian military base in Armenia, which borders with Turkey and thus has no diplomatic relations with this country.

In this situation, the deployment of S-400 to Armenia to back the Russian military base in Armenia would not hurtful, — says Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of the «National Defense» journal, military expert.

«If Turkey is to escalate the situation and lead a provocative policy, then one of the response options can be the transfer of the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 to Armenia. This is an appropriate decision, and if necessary, the Russian General Staff will make a corresponding decision on this,” said Igor Korotchenko in his interview to RUSARMINFO.

According to the expert, one can not exclude the possibility of closing the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits and provocations against Armenia and the Russian military base in this country.

«Russia reserves the right to fend off the threat of aggression of Turkey against Russia with all kinds of modern weapons in conventional and nuclear warheads. There are tactical nuclear weapons, which can be used against the groups of enemy troops in case of aggression against Russia or Russian military bases abroad,» mentioned Korotchenko.

According to Igor Korotchenko, in connection with possible provocations by Turkey there is a need for a transfer to Armenia of strike aircraft in addition to the MiG-25, which is already there. Strengthening the combat readiness of our military base in Armenia and military forces of the country is absolutely objective necessity.

Note: On November 24, the Turkish F-16s destroyed the Russian military aircraft over the territory of Syria, after which the Russian-Turkish relations have deteriorated sharply. Moscow has already tossed anti-aircraft S-400 to Syria to back the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces. It has been also announced about the economic sanctions against Turkey, the suspension of tourist traffic in this country, and the imposed bans on the 17 kinds of Turkish products.

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