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Пятница , 6 августа 2021
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Ryazanov to be remembered among Armenians

Eldar Ryazanov — author of more than 30 films, each of which is rightly considered as one of the best works of the Soviet and then Russian cinema. In the former USSR there are few people who would not have seen at least one of Ryazanov’s films. «Beware of the Car», «Office Romance», «Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!», «Garage». The list of films is enough long.

«Eldar Ryazanov was the best film director in comedy genre of the Soviet times who possessed a grand sense of humor,» said today Alexander Grigoryan, artistic director of the Yerevan State Russian Drama Theater named after Stanislavsky.

Armenian motif can be traced in the works of Ryazanov. So, with the permission of Alexander Grigoryan, in one of the episodes of the film «Station for Two» it was announced that the city would host the Russian Drama Theatre of Yerevan named after Stanislavsky.

In one of the episodes of «Irony of Fate», Zhenya Lukashin and Galya were trying to get to Katanyans’ place to celebrate the New Year, and the phrase “it turned out bad with Katanyans” ever since has become famous among Armenians. Vasily Katanyan, a Soviet documentary filmmaker, was one of the closest friends of Ryazanov. They met back in VGIK and were friends throughout life.

People’s Artist of Russia and the USSR Eldar Ryazanov died on November 30 from heart failure at the age of 88. A week earlier, on November 21 it became known that he was hospitalized in one of the capital’s medical centers. The farewell ceremony to the director will take place on December 2 in Moscow club «Eldar».

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