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Azerbaijani punishment for the German journalist

Elin Ehrenreich, a journalist of the German Die Welt newspaper, visited Nagorno-Karabakh, and then published an article about the high tourism potential of the republic. Elin pointed out that the reason of modest tourist flows to Karabagh remained the status of the republic. The journalist qualified Artsakh as the symbol of the sovereignty of Armenian people, portraying the beauty of nature and the hospitality of the local inhabitants.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry press service, headed by Hikmet Hajiyev, qualified the article as “fabricated” and promised to punish the author, placing his name in the Azerbaijani list of persona non grata.

Forbidding people to move freely is impossible, especially when it concerns to journalists, who are obliged to be there where they consider it’s interesting, — says Denis Dvornikov, Russian public figure, publicist, who was once included in the «black list» of Azerbaijan.

«If I were denied the entry, for example, in Liberia, I would be more upset,» — mentions Dvornikov in his interview to RUSARMINFO.

According Dvornikov, almost everyone who intends to visit Nagorno Karabakh, knows that afterwards they will be included in the Azerbaijani «black list», but people still go there, and to Baku every fact of crossing the border of the NKR becomes a cause for scandal.

«The Azerbaijani authorities have set themselves the degree of aggression in their society, and the population is forced to live in this trance of mythologized reality,» concludes the Russian publicist.

Note: The list of persona non grata in Azerbaijan periodically is replenished by prominent figures of the world of culture, politics and celebrities: Lubov Kazarnovskaya, Montserrat Caballe, Anna Chapman, Vladimir Varfolomeyev Sergey Buntman. According to the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, to date, the list of persona non grata consists of about 500 people.

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