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Deposits of the USSR Sberbank in Armenia are not subject to inheritance

The Government of Armenia does not consider it necessary to compensate for the population’s deposits in the Sberbank of the USSR on the right of inheritance, it is said in the conclusion of the government on the bill submitted by MPs of «Orinats Yerkir».

The rejection to compensate for deposits is fundamentally illegal, — says Karen Nersisyan, member of the Lawyers’ Chamber of Moscow.

«Any contribution made by a person is his/her property, like a house or any other property. The protection of the property is guaranteed by law. If a citizen has received interest in life, it shall be transferred to his/her heirs. By denying the rights to inheritance of citizens, the state is violating the law «- Karen Nersisyan mentioned in his interview to RUSARMINFO.

According to the lawyer, the Armenian government is trying to save on the budget expenditures, solving the problems of the government at the expense of citizens.

Note: The payment of compensation for frozen deposits of the former USSR Sberbank in Armenia started on February 1, 2008. Then payments expected more than 60 thousand people, and it was decided that the World War II veterans, disabled and single pensioners, first of all, would be able to recover their «burnt» money.

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