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Вторник , Август 20 2019
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Zatulin and Alexandrov on the possible surrender of territories to Azerbaijan

The Kremlin is trying to persuade Armenia to cede a few areas in favor of Azerbaijan. Thus, the Armenian side keeps the Lachin corridor, linking Nagorno-Karabakh with Armenia. Baku does not officially recognize the independence of Stepanakert, but agrees not to solve the issue militarily. In that case Russia hopes to obtain the consent of Azerbaijan to join the Eurasian Economic Union. These conclusions are publicized by the Armenian “Haykakan Zhamanak” and Russian «Kommersant» newspapers, citing its sources.

The RUSARMINFO correspondent has talked to the Russian experts on the existence of such behind-the-scenes project, the authors of which, according to the Armenian newspapers, reside in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Konstantin Zatulin, Director of the Institute of CIS countries

I know about attempts to package the issue of return of territories to Azerbaijan in exchange for recognition of independence of Nagorno Karabakh. But I’ve never heard that the fate of those districts was discussed in the context of their exchange for Azerbaijan’s membership in the Eurasian Union. The people working for the Russian Foreign Ministry are not so naive to offer such a scheme to the Armenians, considering it realistic for discussions with Armenia,” — Konstantin Zatulin told the RUSARMINFO correspondent.

Mikhail Alexandrov, Leading expert of the Military-political studies center at MGIMO, doctor of political sciences

In regards to its possible accession to the EEU, Azerbaijan wants to use this as a tool that will force Russia to influence Armenia. Russia is interested in the sustainable resolution of this conflict, and it won’t force Armenia to take actions that Yerevan does not like. The question of return of territories is related only to the peaceful conflict settlement, and it’s not associated with the issue of Azerbaijan’s membership in the EEU,” said Mikhail Alexandrov in his interview to RUSARMINFO .

Note: The military phase of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict began in 1990. In 1994, as a result of the hostilities the ceasefire agreement was signed. The OSCE Minsk group deals with the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. Despite active negotiations with Yerevan and Baku, the Minsk group still fails to find acceptable to all parties ways to resolve the problem.

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