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Flying to Armenia becomes cheaper: the country to re-launch its own carrier

On the background of general increase of prices, the news of the decline in the cost of one of the most popular services among the Armenians was received from the country. The statistical service estimates that the price of tickets to Armenia as compared with last year fell by 10-15%. This effect is short-lived due to the period of market development, — says Ruben Grdzelyan, Spokesman of the Main Directorate of Civil Aviation of Armenia. “The reason for reducing the cost of tickets could become the general economic decline and recorded in 2015 10 percent reduction in the number of passengers,” – explains Grdzelyan in his interview to RUSARMINFO. Another stimulant to temporarily reduction of the cost of tickets, according to the Press-Secretary, could become the «open sky» policy (government programme for the liberalization of air transport-ed.).

«In 2016 we expect the emergence of the «Alliance» Armenian airline company. Still it will fly only to Moscow, Sochi and Beirut. If “Alliance” manages to occupy the niche of the Russian airlines, then it will be possible to speak about our own carrier, which in its turn will be able to reduce the cost of tickets,” said Ruben Grdzelyan. Note: 2014 was epically successful in terms of passenger air traffic to Armenia: compared with 2013, the number of passengers increased by 20%, exceeding 2 million people.

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