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Четверг , 13 мая 2021
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“Open Sky of Armenia”: Does the country need a national carrier?

In 2013, Armenia declared the “open sky” policy. The initiative has simplified the operation of foreign air carriers in Armenia. At the same time, the open sky sharply weakened the position of Armenia’s national carrier, which was forced to suspend operations. The «open sky» was designed to create a competitive environment for carriers, which in the competition to attract passengers were supposed to improve the quality of services, reduce the cost of tickets, thereby increasing the passenger traffic. But the withdrawal from the market of the national carrier as a result of the initiative is increasingly criticized both inside and outside of Armenia. “The country needs a national air carrier,” says Georgy Yeghiazaryan, head of the Business Support of the «Belavia» airline.

«Considering that in Armenia, unlike Belarus, the main stream of traffic is carried by air, the country needs a national carrier. In Belarus, for example, are very serious about this issue,» highlights Georgy Yeghiazaryan in his interview to RUSARMINFO. Among the positive aspects of the activities of the national carrier Yeghiazaryan points that the state can always rely on this company, and in the case of private traders, from an economic and political point of view, a private owner may not be interested in the implementation of various government programs. Recently the same proposal has been made by Tigran Altun, a Turkish businessman of Armenian descent, the owner of Tower Turizm. He believes that the national airline will be able to conduct more effective negotiations with foreign companies, air carriers and airports. In addition, if a private company decides to close a particular flight, the flag carrier will replace it with its own.

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