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Среда , 20 октября 2021
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Turkey to violate the UN resolution

Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu doesn’t exclude the possibility of military intervention in Syria. According to him, the invasion may take place in the case if the representatives of the Kurdistan Workers Party or Islamic state penetrate into the «security zone» in northern Syria, established jointly by Turkey and the United States. The Chief of the Advisors’ group to the Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Vladimir Kozin, assures that Ankara in this situation has two objectives: to achieve the overthrow of the elected president of Syria Bashar al-Assad in tandem with the U.S. and to crush the Kurdish resistance. «Turkey is going to solve the problem of Kurdistan Workers’ Party, whose members are subject to constant attacks on the territory of Turkey and Syria, and resist Ankara. The ultimate goal is the defeat of the PKK under the pretext of the fight against the Islamic state,» the expert has said in his interview to RUSARMINFO.

Kozin also notes that earlier the United States and its allies have pledged not to attack Syria in the case of destroying its chemical weapons. Damascus has fulfilled its obligations, despite the fact that anti-government armed groups still possess chemical weapons and has repeatedly used it against civilians and soldiers of the Syrian Republic. «The actions of Ankara will have serious consequences. In fact, Turkey is planning a direct military aggression against a sovereign country. This is a flagrant violation of all UN resolutions relating to peace and security in the Greater Middle East «- says Kozin. Yesterday the deputy head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioglu said that Turkey and the U.S. had agreed on the creation of «security zones», occupying areas of about 100 km in length and 45 in width in the north of Syria. The zone will be under the control of units of the Free Syrian Army. The primary purpose of the zone is to prevent the penetration into the Turkish border from the territory of Syria.

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