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Суббота , 23 января 2021
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The Belgian dot in the recognition of the Armenian Genocide

On July 23, the House of Representatives of the Belgian Parliament adopted a resolution on the Armenian Genocide. The 124 members of the House of Representatives voted for the resolution, against — 0, and 8 abstentions. The document stresses the need to recognize the Armenian Genocide by Turkey and calls for Armenia and Turkey to use the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide to restore diplomatic relations, border opening and economic integration. Recall that the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel on June 18 in the House of Representatives on behalf of his Government condemned the fact of the Armenian Genocide. Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan said that the resolution ended the process of recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Belgium. «Seventeen years ago, the Belgian Senate through a special resolution recognized the Armenian Genocide. The adopted resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide by the House of Representatives imparts the integrity in the process of the Armenian Genocide recognition in Belgium,» said the minister. The theme of recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide in an open letter to the chairman of the Knesset and the Israeli parliament deputies raised the head of the Jewish community of Armenia Rima Varzhapetyan. «In the eyes of the Jews of the Diaspora Knesset embodies a collection of wise and decent people. We have high hopes for Israeli parliamentarians in their positive decision on the recognition of the tragedy of the Armenian people as genocide. If we want to build the future, we must honor the past and thereby set an example for the new generation, » is written in the letter if Varzhapetyan. 1915 Armenian Genocide was the first genocide of the twentieth century. Turkey denies accusations of mass extermination of one and a half million of Armenians during the First World War and painfully reacts to criticism from the West on the issue of the Armenian Genocide. The fact of the Armenian Genocide is recognized and condemned by many countries in the world (26 countries, data of 2015) and influential international organizations.


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