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Понедельник , 30 ноября 2020
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$ 90 million for the restoration of Tbilisi

The districts of Tbilisi affected by the severe flooding are completely cleared up, the traffic is restored, but residents of the Georgian capital today are most concerned about the issue of compensation of the lost property as a result of the floods. “The issue is being discussed at the highest level,” informs to RUSARMINFO Susanna Khachaturian, press secretary of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Holy Church in Georgia.

Note that the World Bank experts have already submitted the Tbilisi leadership the first need assessment: the damage to the people and infrastructure is about 70 million lari (about $ 30 million). But given the amount required for the construction of the zoo at the new location, the total damage will be about 200 million lari (about $ 90 million). Susanna Khachatryan also says that, “to assist the flood victims of Tbilisi, the Georgian 100 private companies allocated 18 million lari (about $ 8 million).

Bidzina Ivanishvili, former Prime Minister of Georgia, also has contributed to the victims by 10 million lari (about $ 4.5 million). Note: As a result of the severe flooding in Tbilisi were damaged residential buildings, roads, infrastructure, the territory of the capital’s zoo has been completely destroyed. 19 people died and three are still listed as missing.

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