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Воскресенье , Март 24 2019
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“Excuse me, I’m Armenian”

Selina Doghan, the first Armenian MP of the Turkish Parliament in this long period, says that she will never forgive the Turkish President for the following words: «Excuse me, I have even been called Armenian». She notes that in case of meeting Erdogan she will tell him the following: «Excuse me, I am Armenian.»

MP Doghan is planning to fight for freedom of speech standing against such statements that inspire hatred. «However, I will work not only with the Armenians, since Alawites, Kurds and Greeks are also treated unfairly. In general, we have serious problems relating to non-Muslim minorities. It all starts with the hatred,» says Selina Doghan, adding that at present the «cultural genocide» is implemented in Turkey. Selina Doghan from the opposition Republican People’s Party is a social democrat leader elected on behalf of the Armenian community of Istanbul.

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