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Sergey Markov: “There’s a secret unit preparing a coup d’état in Yerevan”

Sergey Markov – Rector of the Political Researches Institute, Deputy Head of International Commission, Public Council of Russia

The greatest Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov has a good phrase that if you see the boiler, it means that the water should be in it. We can see that under the cauldron a fire is burning, so, are the bubbles running over the water? Why we do think that it’s not boiling! It’s all the same here. We observe that this protest is happening based on the classical technology of the color revolutions. This is not a simple demonstration. Around the world, thousands, millions of protesters come to express their opinion and go home to sleep. The next day, if they are not satisfied with the result, they return to express their opinion once more and go back to sleep. Here, people are sleeping in these areas and do not want to leave. In English it is called «sit in demonstration». At the same time, the U.S. Embassy has disseminated exactly the same statement like in the case of Kiev. It declares that the government has used disproportionate force, journalists have been subjected to violence … The demonstration against the increase in electricity tariffs has been laid at the outset, the pretext has been chosen to deploy a maidan on the anti-Russian side later. I do not know how the «Armenian Electric Networks» company has organized its business. I suspect that no one really knows. However, like all companies, it does not want to save the debts. If it still has accumulated debts, apparently, the government asked the company not to claim the debts from some large enterprises, so that they can function and pay salaries to employees. Such structure-large companies often have debts. All of their debts are associated with the request from the Government to assist industrial enterprises. Since the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian corporation, the organizers of the «Yerevan Mai

dan» from the beginning has chosen the pretext that potentially carries the anti-Russian grain. If given the opportunity to develop freely, its corns will grow into a Russophobian lush tree.

I do believe that the negative attitude toward the Russian media is connected to their unhidden comparisons between the Yerevan events and Ukrainian Maidan. The organizers of the “Yerevan Maidan” have received a direct instruction from the U.S. intelligence agencies to organize a coup with the anti-Russian accent.

In my opinion, the Russian media has presented a quite adequate picture. Moreover, I think they have been too much careful a

nd do not call a spade a spade. From my point of view, it is a mistake. Among the demonstrators there’s a secret unit of people who want to organize a coup and maintain the anti-Russian policy. We do not know their names, but we have no doubt that they are sitting in the basements and weave plots against Russia and Armenian people. In general, we need less modesty. The U.S. intelligence works everywhere. As we now observe they are phone spying the leaders of Germany, French and Armenia. I think it is absolutely sure that the American intelligence agencies wiretap all the members of the Armenian government, assisting the «Yerevan Maidan» in the conduct of a coup.


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