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Floods in Tbilisi: the number of victims increases

The two Armenian women — sisters Janna and Svetlana Eghiazarov, who died in the Tbilisi floods, lived in the house on the Svanidze street. This was mentioned in an interview to the “RUSARMINFO” agency by the spokesman of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Holy Church in Georgia Susanna Khachaturian. According to her, the bodies of the 22 and 24-year-old sisters Eghiazarov were found in the destroyed house. The funeral will take place on Tuesday or Thursday, before the bodies of the dead women will be in the Armenian Surb Etchmiadzin Church. According to the information provided by the Armenian Embassy in Georgia, the bodies of two more Armenian women — Lianna Eghiazarov and Nana Tilishvili-Eghiazarov, have been also found lately. Susanna Khachaturian also reported that among 24 missing people could be two Armenians as well. She added that the youth wing of the Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church and «HayArt Tun» center formed a group of volunteers to participate in the clean-up activities. «People who have become homeless are accommodated in private hotels, the city administration provides them with the necessary support and psychological assistance centers are open,» noted Susanna Khachaturian. «Active clean-up works are ongoing. This evening the Heroes Square will be open and likely the traffic will be restored. The water supply has already been restored, and in some districts the electricity is also restored, » informed the official. Note: At Sunday night Tbilisi fell into heavy rain and hail, as a result of which houses and buildings were flooded, including the zoo, and the road infrastructure was damaged. According to the preliminary data, the list of victims consists of 12 people. The material damage of Tbilisi is estimated at $ 18 million.  

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