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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to shoot a biopic

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will shoot a biopic about their lives. Three film companies have already expressed willingness to purchase the author rights of the film about the TV star and rapper life. «I doubt that the film will be a highly artistic work worthy for the “Oscar” nomination. But given the huge number of fans, and it’s almost 45 million followers just on Twitter, sure the film won’t only pay off at the box office, but also will bring huge profits, including from the DVD sales,” expressed confidence the spokesman of the “Universal” company in an interview to Daily Star. Kardashian has already thought whom to entrust to perform herself on the big screen. According to the sources close to the star, she has already decided about the first contenders. Among the main favorites of the stars are Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks from the TV series «Mad Men.» Both of these girls can match, including their physical parameters. Notwithstanding the fact who will be chosen to act in the film, she will still have to work on the transformation of her “fifth point”, in order to correspond to the appearance of the TV star. As for West, according to the press reports, the musician’s role can get Terrence Howard. Recently, an interesting information was spread about Kardashian in social networks: her wax figure will appear at London’s Madame Tussauds. According to “The Huffington Post”, the star sculpture will be created with the phone in her hand, by the help of which visitors can make selfies with the 34-year-old star. «When we were pondering about the pose for Kim’s figure, it became obvious that she should do selfie,” said the museum’s director, Edward Fuller, who also noted that the background behind the wax Kim would be constantly changing.       .

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