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Четверг , 26 ноября 2020
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CHERRY: from Armenia with love

Armenia exported 392 tons of cherries, of which 323 tonnes to Russia. These figures were illustrated in an interview to of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Armenia Robert Makaryan. «In the same period last year were exported 286 tons of cherries, of which 255 tons — to the Russian Federation,» he added. So, compared tothe last year’s same period, this year the export is more than 100 tons. In reply to the question on the motives to increase the cherry export, the Deputy Minister said: «This can be explained by the abundant harvest and increase in exports to the Russian Federation, which, in turn, is connected with the simplification of the export procedures in the framework of the EEU.» Note that, according to the Moscow Department of Trade and Services, Russia and Armenia agreed on the increase of exports to the Russian capital of fruit, vegetables, canned vegetable products, fish products and cheeses from Armenia.

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