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Turk stabbed his father for saving Armenians

Several senior officials of Ottoman Empire in 1915 risked their lives and the safety of their relatives by refusing to carry out the terrible plans of Talaat, Enver and other Young Turk criminals. The Armenian Research Center «Ani» tells the tragic story of one of them — Mustafa Aga Azizoglu. Mustafa Aga was the mayor of Malatya. He was unable to prevent the deportation and mass extermination of Armenians, but, nevertheless, he managed to hide several Armenians in his own house. For this step Mustafa was murdered by his own son — a fanatical and energetic member of the «İttihat ve Teraki» political party, «for the care of gyavurah (infidels).» Among other «recalcitrant» persons are referred Kastemon chief Reshid Pasha, head of Erzurum Tahsin Bey, head of Basra Ferrite Bey and others. These officials were removed from their posts and replaced by more obedient civil servants, who implemented the brutal plan of extermination of Armenians.

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