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Вторник , 9 марта 2021
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Federal Migrations Service of Russia becomes kinder by 57%

The Russian Federal Migration Service upon the request of the “RUSARMINFO” agency provided statistical data concerning the Armenian citizens with temporarily denied entry into the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the statistics, in 2015 the Federal Migration Service of Russia has positively approved about 2.5 thousand applications of the Armenian citizens who previously were denied of the entry into Russia. This figure is by 57% more than last year’s figures: in the same period of the last year the federal service considered only 1050 applications. «Since the beginning of 2014 based on the received appeals from the Armenian side, the Federal Migration Service has granted and directed 6369 resolutions on the opening of entry into the Russian Federation for Armenian citizens,» responds the FMS press office to “RUSARMINFO”. «This year the Republic of Armenia has joined to the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union, and this fact brings to a new level of cooperation between the Member States of the Union in the sphere of labor migration as well,» explains the Federal Migration Service. The press office of the Federal Migration Service has also reported that the preferences granted to citizens of the Union and, in particular, to citizens of Armenia, are the most favorable in today’s conditions for foreign citizens in the Russian Federation. FMS is also actively involved in the consideration of the cases of unauthorized entry into Russia of Armenian citizens based on the humanitarian component (students, treatment and rehabilitation in Russia, family reunion, etc.). Thus, the press office of the Russian Federal Migration Service has confirmed the statement recently made by the Chief of the State Migration Service of Armenia Gagik Yeganyan about the increase of the number of Armenian citizens with the obtained entry permission into Russia.

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