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Geopolitical puzzles by Nadana Fridrihson VIDEO

The interview of the “RUSARMINFO” agency with Nadana Fridrihson, a journalist and political analyst. No slippers by post …

Turkey will not be integrated in any format, in my opinion, in the next 10-20 years, precisely, and will not interact with the Eurasian Economic Union. What’s most that can be discussed is the «free trade zone». And I think it may take place in the prospect of 5-7 years.
I’m not sure that Turkey, based on its interests, will subscribe to a close contact with the Eurasian project at all. Neither Turkey, nor Russia needs this. Again, why and for what «great» goals Russia and Turkey should boom to the whole world that “we are now Eurasian brothers”. We will soon see a conflict of interests between Ankara and Moscow, we will, for sure, eyewitness this. But let’s not blow this out saying that there will be a war between Turkey and Russia, no relationships at all, slippers by the post and so on. You see, this will not happen! There will be some noise on specific topics, such as the Crimean Tatars, Georgia, Pankiski Gorge, and for any other subjects, there will be a reason for the two countries to tickle each others’ nerves.The information event will pass, a small silence will dominate, and again there will be a kind of joint project, again, some kind of statement, and again all will be all right. On the internal level in Turkey, serious passions are boiling and, even now, to put it mildly, Turkey isn’t occupied by the issue of relations with Russia. At this moment the country has other problems associated with the relationship with Washington, the Middle East and layouts of the prospect of removal of Iran’s sanctions. Today Turkey has this kind of headache. On this concrete stage it will be restricted by the scope of these problems trying deal with them.
How Armenia can avoid becoming France Russia needs Armenia. This is indisputable. Until becoming hoarse, I’ll fight to argue with people who say that Russia does not need Armenia. The South Caucasus is a very complicated area, it is certainly not as big and colorful as the Middle East, but it is a painful point. And we must work with it correctly.
Russia is jealous because of the interest that Europeans show toward Armenia. Russia was pleased when the first time Armenia agreed to the Eurasian project, and as a consequence, the European side responded to it as a rotation of policy by 180 degrees, and there was such a boycott for some time; Russia was quite satisfied. But the European Union is once again beginning to show interest in Armenia, and again saying that, well, for God’s sake we respect your decision in regards to the Eurasian Union, but still there’s a room for relations with us. For Armenia this situation is favorable. This does not mean that Armenia is so bad and allows itself to talk with European partners, moreover, it must communicate with our European, Chinese and Russian partners … The country, which changes its multi-vector course to the one line policy is doomed, it is impossible to survive in today’s geopolitical realities. Take the example of the European Union. Well, they have agreed to impose sanctions, but which of European country has benefited from that? Take France, which squeezed the money and does not give the Mistral, but do agree that this situation is very specific one. So, at this stage they turned from the multi-vector course to the one channel policy. Who has won in this situation? Nobody. And it’s no good for us, and they are not very rosy. Armenia has the right to multi-vector policy. It is not the Soviet Union. In the place of Yerevan I’ll look deeper, because the economic problems in the Eurasian area will not end in few days,these problems are likely to multiply. To say that all economic problems will be resolved tomorrow, and the Eurasianarea will be healed and live the way it never used to before, won’t happen. This is a distant prospect. How should Armenia behave in this situation? To say, well, we will tighten our belts to the last, until everything is adjusted?Nothing like this.

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