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Понедельник , 18 января 2021
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Avetisyan men tried to stop Permyakov

According to the results of the forensic and genetic examinations, it was found that the Avetisyan family’s men tried to resist Valery Permyakov. This was announced today by Lusine Sahakyan, the representative of the victims’ successor. According to her,  Avetisyans’ daughter Aida, was in the living room and, in fact, did not have time to move. Sergey and Hasmik Avetisyans were in another room. It’s supposed that Sergey Avetisyan tried to resist Permyakov, since his DNA was found on the butt and muzzle of the gun. Their son and daughter-in-law, Armen and Araksia, who were in the next room, also woke up. Armen also tried to resist, but both were fatally injured. Lusine Sahakyan added that Sergey Permyakov had hit the little Serozha Avetisyan by the butt, as confirmed during the genetic examination. Araksia Avetisyan tried to defend the child by her body. Permyakov hit the mother and son by a knife  on which was found the blood mix. The whole picture of the crime will be restored after the completion of the comprehensive investigation. Note: On January 12 in Gyumri six members of the Avetisyan family were killed. The Russian serviceman Valery Permyakov is accused of committing the crime. 


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