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Hillary Clinton may visit Armenia on April 24

Former USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed the possibility of a visit to Yerevan on April 23-24 to participate in the events dedicated to 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. This was reported by «Mediamax«. According to the source agency, Hillary Clinton has not yet made a final decision and continues to consult, both in the USA and abroad. It is assumed that Hillary Clinton’s visit to Yerevan on April 24 can be a «good way» of a difficult situation for the Obama administration. Armenia, using all possible and impossible methods, seeking recognition of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire. Turkey is a strategic ally of the USA, NATO, in turn, induces Washington to his side, trying to prevent the worldwide recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Hillary Clinton is not a representative of official Washington, and Turkey can not oppose her visit to Yerevan on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, but on the other side, Hillary Clinton — the former secretary of state and a potential mistress of the White House, and its presence in Yerevan will be a symbolic gesture, American authorities to the Armenian leadership.  

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