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Timur Alpatov: Help to save the young men’s life.

Production director Timur Alpatov Vardan’s friends and the colleague on a cinema, and also dear people in Yerevan – we all know about Vardan from the good sides. We come to support him. Some people couldn’t be present here today, but they wrote down the video addresses and you can look at them. He’s young; he has a young wife and a daughter. They were expected this baby, it’s happiness for any person, for any family. It is necessary to help this young man. Hi, his family and we will never forget those who will help, and at a difficult moment we will come to the rescue. I understand that there already was a resonance in the press, but I call the Armenian colleagues and friends, to strain once again, to gather and help. Help to save the young men’s life and to make his family happy. Vardan Zilfugaryan work as a cameraman. He began his career on the Armenian television. In 2006 he moved to Moscow, and worked at «Mosfilm».  The numerous works of Vardan are – «The pilot of the international airlines», «Are you ordered a murder?», «Love», «Godfather», «Clever man», «Sasha + Dasha». Recently,  Vardan was diagnosed with  Acute myeloblastic leukemia. He already completed the first course of treatment.  Vardan will have a difficult operation  on a bone-marrow transplantation.  The desire to help Vardan can be carried out on the following requisites.      

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