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Понедельник , 20 сентября 2021
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The Dangerous cities of Russia

The Dangerous cities of Russia A visit to the so called “closed cities” can be considered as the reason for closing of entry into the Russian Federation. The Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation N 470, which is opened and is available to to public defines the borders of these territories. – as reported by Nikolay Bychkov, the representative of FMS. According to N. Bychkov » , the foreigners entering the territory of another state are obliged to know the legislation of the hosting county. However, If a foreigner has already visited the specified territories in a random way the FMS will treat them with understanding. In the case of identification of the foreign citizen in the territories, which are forbidden to entrance, we make a careful investigation and study all circumstances of his location. If it’s not a malicious violation of the law, in most cases our decisions are made in favor of citizens,- stressed Bychkov.  

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