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Вторник , 27 октября 2020
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Armenia has the highest gasoline prices among EEU member states

The price of oil has dropped from 120 to 30 dollars per barrel in the last two years. The cost of gasoline in Russia last year increased by 5%, and in early 2016 fell by only 0.2%, while in Armenia the price of gasoline remained virtually unchanged, declining by only $ 0.02. On the pricing of gasoline, the oil price has little effect, told RUSARMINFO Eldar Kasayev, a member of the expert council at the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia. “The price of gasoline in Russia consists of the following components: about 60% — state taxes, 15% — transport costs, 8-10% — the cost of extraction and processing of oil, 15-17% — profit of oil and gas stations,” noted the expert. The situation with gasoline in Armenia is different, according to the expert. The Russian gas supplied through the territory of Georgia into the Armenian market becomes twice expensive. “The price per liter of PREMIUM gasoline, which is sold in Armenia, consists of the cost of a liter of fuel at the Georgian-Armenian border and the cost of transportation within Armenia — about 43.9%, excise duty and VAT — 20.5%, storage, organization of markets, profit — 35.6%,” mentioned the expert.

Petrol refers to goods, controlled by monopolies, — says Vladimir Lepekhin, head of the Institute of EurAsEC. “In Russia there is a conspiracy of major energy producers, which determines the cost of gasoline. Therefore, the price is high, and the government has not taken any steps to limit this price and eliminate the conspiracy,” said Vladimir Lepekhin. In Armenia as well, these Russian companies control the gasoline price. The high purchase price is doubled by the price of an intermediary who can lift it to heaven, depending on how much the consumer is ready to pay, mentioned the Russian expert. has published the official data on the gasoline prices in the EEU countries: Belarus — 0.4 $/l, Russia -0.46 $/l, Kyrgyzstan — $ 0.51 / l, Kazakhstan -0.63 $ / l, Armenia — 1.05 $ / liter.  

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