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Понедельник , 18 января 2021
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How Georgian children are taught to hate Armenians

The Armenian populated town of Akhalkalaki hosted the Georgian MPs. At the meeting held with the representatives of the Armenian NGOs, the issues of Georgian language teaching and integration of the Armenian population into the Georgian mainstream society were discussed, reports

The statements of anti-Armenian character found in the Georgian school textbooks were also raised during the meeting. At the request of MPs to show specific examples of such statements, the representatives of non-governmental organizations pointed to the Georgian history textbook for the 11th class, containing the quotes of Georgian writer Ilia Chavchavadze: «Today Armenian newcomers rob us and our houses more and more. In the old days, we were defending ourselves from the enemy at least with a sword and shield, and how should we deal with Armenians, with whom we are not at war? My mokhevsky-speaking people, do I understand what is oppressing you? … «.

The non-governmental organizations’ representatives believe that this passage describes the general mood in Georgia, creating a negative attitude towards Armenians among Georgian adults.

Note: The Armenian community of Georgia has repeatedly and publicly reported error or deliberate distortions, which exist in the Georgian textbooks, however, still the Ministry of Education hasn’t responded to the Armenians of Georgia.

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