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Firing on a national basis: Ankara mayor’s revenge for being called «Armenian»

Ankara based journalist Hayk Baghdad of Armenian descent was fired from his job today, this information was confirmed by the journalist himself, who left a brief note in his microblog on Twitter. «Today I’ve received the letter of dismissal from work in the Bugun TV. This is the first time I was fired,» wrote Hayk Baghdad. The specific reasons for the ethnic Armenian’s dismissal are not reported, but, as we know, the TV reporter had a conflict with the mayor of the capital of Turkey – Ibrahim Melih Gökçek. On September 28, Hayk Baghdad appeared in court for jokingly calling the Anakara mayor Armenian in his tweets. After that Gökçek, considering that the insulting character of those tweets sued the Armenian journalist, demanding for him from 2 to 4 years of imprisonment.

In June of 2015, Baghdad stated that the suit itself was insulting for the word «Armenian» and filed a counterclaim against Gökçek for insulting his honor and dignity.

Hayko Baghdad worked for the Turkish television channel “Bugun TV”, as well as in the Turkish “Taraf” newspaper.

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