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Пятница , 6 августа 2021
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2451 pupils from Armenia or how to pass school admission in Moscow

More than 25 thousand children from families of foreign nationals are currently enrolled in the Moscow schools. Most foreign pupils come from Ukraine (5000), the second in the number of pupils is Kyrgyzstan (3100), the third — Azerbaijan (3000). As of June 2015, 2451 pupils from Armenia are enrolled in Moscow schools.

The conditions for admission to Moscow schools for citizens of Russia and Armenia are absolutely identical, — says Yuri Moskovsky, project director of “Dobrososedstvo” Development Fund of International Relations.

«For admission two documents are only needed: the Federal Migration Service certificate on the registration and medical certification of the absence of infectious diseases,» mentions Moskovsky in his interview to RUSARMINFO.

But often, in Moscow schools foreign parents face bureaucratic practices, which complicate actually a simple procedure for admission to school: they’re requested for extra documents, and then for the admission without those certificates they offer their «services».

«In such cases, parents should contact the Department of Education of the Government of Moscow with a complaint on the illegal demands,» advises the Fund representative.

Note: The number of foreigners under the age of 17 in Russia is 730,000. From Ukraine — 370 000 people, Uzbekistan — 142 thousand, Tajikistan — 117 thousand, Kazakhstan — 112 thousand, Kyrgyzstan — 93 thousand, Belarus — 76 thousand, Azerbaijan — 74 thousand, Armenia — 61 thousand, of which 34,728 boys and 27,149 girls. There’s no data on preschool children with Armenian citizenship. In the 2014-2015 academic year, Russian as a foreign language has been included in the capital’s school curricula for children of migrants who do not speak the language. Those pupils have the opportunity to pass the intensive training children throughout a year.

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