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Iranian gas argument: the statement to increase supplies pursues political goals

The Iranian Press TV channel has reported that Iran has put into operation a new plant of complex gas preparation (GPP), which will allow the country to double the supply of natural gas to Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Iran is not in a position to increase its gas exports twice, because: firstly, the domestic demand for gas is seriously growing and electricity generation in the country is transferred to the gas, and secondly, the gas industry of Iran needs huge investment, which until 2017 are not expected, has mentioned in his interview to RUSARMINFO Vladimir Yevseyev, Head of Caucasus Department of the CIS Institute. «In addition to these reasons, the high price of Iranian gas for Turkey, the largest consumer of Iranian gas, is another important factor. Ankara will not buy more Iranian natural gas, as the Russian and Azerbaijani gas are much cheaper,» says the expert.

According to Yevseyev, among the two potential importers of Iranian natural gas Azerbaijan covers its domestic demand, and the re-export of Iranian gas is hardly included in the plans of Baku. The only country in which Iran could increase the supply of gas is Armenia, but it does not need additional fuel, because the country is developing slowly. It turns out that the statements of the Iranian side to increase gas exports or other products pursue political objectives. «With these statements, Iran wants to maintain its influence in the South Caucasus. This is an opportunity to declare itself as a serious player with which it’s necessary to reckon. In addition, the Iranian leadership wants to show the country’s population that the country is developing rapidly, and they have chosen the right policy. They face the task of re-election,» concludes Yevseyev. Note: In the middle of July, Tehran and the «six-group» successfully completed the work on the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. Tehran has agreed to severely limit research in this area, and gave up trying to build or acquire nuclear weapons. In exchange for the lifting of sanctions the «six-group» and Iran have agreed to intensify economic cooperation, ensuring Iran’s access to foreign markets

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