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The plane crash in Istra: the fatal flight at the cost of 6000 rubles

The victim of the crash in the area of ​​the Istra reservoir — Paruyr Manukyan, on the day of the tragedy celebrated his 28th anniversary. The RUSARMINFO source says that the deceased Larisa Manukyan was Paruyr’s wife, and 8-year-old Eric and 10-year-old Ophelia were the children of Paruyr’s sister. The parents of the children were waiting for their family members to return from the flight on the beach.

All the victims of the plane crash were from the village of Akunq in the Talin district, the Aragatsotn region of Armenia. They held Armenian citizenship, but also were issued the permit for permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation. The victims of the tragedy were registered in the village of Pokrov, the Podolsk district.

The Head of the Buzharovskoye rural settlement, Alexander Hayrapetov, in his interview to “RUSARMINFO” focused on some details of the tragedy. According to him, the helicopter «Robinson-44» took off from the reservoir located near the site, and had the permission to fly, and the six-seater seaplane «Cessna 206» cruised above the reservoir without permission.

«He flew in from Solnechnogorsk district. Before that we had never seen that aircraft, it appeared two days ago,»said Hairapetov.

Michail Yermolchev

The aircraft ran 56-year-old amateur pilot Michael Yermolchev. According to the witnesses, before the disaster the seaplane, as usual, sat down on the water, after which the pilot once again invited the travelers to get on board. To his proposal responded 4 persons: two adults and two children, who paid for the fatal flight 6000 rubles.

Vadim Bukhtiyarov

When the air vehicle flew over the beach, the four-seater “Robinson 44”, run by professional pilot Vadim Bukhtiyarov, took its direction toward the hydroplane. Besides the helicopter pilot, there were three more passengers on board: Olga Bagrova, Elizabeth (the last name is unknown) and Mamed Rezaev.

The hydroplane flew above the helicopter, but at some time it began to decline: the blades of the Robinson R44 chopped one of its wings, and the two vehicles immediately collapsed into the water at a distance of about 500 meters from the shore.

Currently, the relatives of the victims are on the scene, the search continues for the body of Paruyr Manukyan.

Note: As a result of the plane crash, 9 people were killed: the pilots and passengers of both aircrafts. Upon the collision a criminal prosecution is settled. According to the Investigation Committee spokesman, Vladimir Markin, the piloting error is seen as the basic version of the tragedy.

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