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Moscow Film Festival to show films about Armenian Genocide

In Moscow has kicked off the 37th Moscow International Film Festival. This year the organizers of the festival will commemorate the 1915 Armenian Genocide victims. According to the official website of the festival, under the non-competition program «Screen image of the tragedy,» the audience will have opportunity to watch the following films: «A Meeting at the Exhibition», «Screamers”, “Nahapet,» «Singing in exile” (Chœurs en exil), “Sunrise over Lake Van», «Birth», «Saroyan land”. About the films: «A Meeting at the Exhibition», directed by: Nerses Hovhannisyan At the exhibition of a foreign artist Harutyun’s attention catches the portrait of a young man looking very similar to his brother who disappeared in 1918. On hearing this, the artist presents Harutyun with that portrait, although knowing that the hero of the portrait is another man. «Screamers», directed by: Carla Garapetyan The film tells about the Armenian Genocide of 1915, its causes, its denial attempts in modern Turkey and the U.S. neutral position on this issue. It also shows the horrors of the current genocides in the countries of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. «Nahapet», directed by: Henry Malyan During the 1915 Armenian Genocide Nahapet lost everything: family, friends, land and house. In these conditions, he has to start his life from scratch in a dilapidated village at the foot of Mount Aragats. Over time, he will find the strength to build a new home, start a new family and happiness in a new Armenia. «Singing in Exile», directed by: Nathalie Rossetti, Turi Finocchiaro With the purpose to transfer to the new generation the ancestor’s heritage, Aram and Virginia, a couple from the Armenian diaspora, organize a journey for the troupe of young European actors from Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw through Anatolia, where once flourished the art. «Sunrise over Lake Van», directed by: Artak Igityan, Vahan Stepanyan The sons of an 80-year-old Karapet, whose mother miraculously survived during the genocide in 1915, almost completely are assimilated into the U.S. society. He is trying to convey to them the memory of the lost homeland, but the son rebels against his father’s attempts to recover their national identity, and his grandson becomes all in love with a classmate of Turkish origin. Karapet’s stubbornness causes problems in terms of their family relations. «Birth», directed by: Frunze Dovlatyan The film events take place in the 20s of the last century. The Soviet authority has been established in Armenia. The local residents raised a rebellion, but were defeated. Then Lenin sends to Yerevan an experienced revolutionary Alexander Myasnikyan. Under his leadership, the birth of a new, Soviet Armenia becomes true. «Saroyan land», directed by: Lusin Dink The film tells about the journey of the American writer of Armenian descent William Saroyan to his historical homeland — the city of Bitlis. Here, in the land of his ancestors, the famous writer finds himself. The 37th Moscow International Film Festival will run until June 26.

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