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Ruben Grigoryan reflects on the victory of reason over evil VIDEO

About the necessity of establishing the Armenian museum. Armenians are ancient people. Of course, they were inclined to create, it was impossible for them to go on without this. They created (formed — Ed.) the origins of mankind. And one day there came soulless people who raised their hand against those origins. It was necessary to show all of these issues. We have tried to choose what most clearly represents the Armenian people — a nation that formed the origins of mankind, created the culture of mankind. And those who set a precedent of the Genocide raised their hand against the origins of mankind. In that period of the history, many nations considering themselves civilized were silently looking at it. As a result, the humanity, remaining silent and closing eyes, committed the act of self-destruction. The Unlived life Neither I nor my father and grandfather had witnessed those events, but I feel the pain and compassion. This pain and compassion, I am sure, will also feel my son. Thus, we see that this information is transmitted at the genetic level. Yes, we have heard about those events, we feel the pain, but it is a dull pain, and the compassion is virtual. And many Armenians as well have no idea of what really happened. Talking about of “what happened”, we should stress that Armenians lost part of their genetic heritage of the motherland. Many unlived lives, many traditions that have been passed, talented genes that had to be passed from generation to generation but, in fact, they didn’t because of the extermination. I do believe that going through these expositions, every Armenian will relive it all over again. Why do I want them to relive it … it is also a very interesting question. Again and again, why do we need the history so much? The history is necessary to first of all not to repeat the previous mistakes. And this is a tragic mistake. I want to emphasize once again that it is necessary for a person to ask himself what it takes to ensure that this won’t happen anymore. It’s necessary to become a stronger person. This includes a strong spirit, stability, education, culture, science and, of course, the economy and military might. When you feel strong, the pain of what once happened subsides. Then raises the question of how to do that. In the beginning was the Word So, we will find this word. What kind of word can it be for us? There is just a single word. For every Armenian, when it comes to national interests, all private should become secondary. If every Armenian lives by this principle, then we will be strong. Through the museum and through the turmoil I want to convey to the Armenian people that it can no longer be so, it is necessary to shake things up and think, keep a firm hold of yourself.   A reasonable man should finally understand either he follows the path of self-destruction, or in his mind he realizes that this path leads nowhere. When the man appeared on the earth, I do not know when exactly, but we can imagine that the man probably did not have all of the scale and range of feelings, evil feelings, negative feelings that he currently has. Knowledge and understanding are not synonymous Man was born, he did not want to kill, certainly did not want to kill. Knowledge and understanding are not synonymous. Knowledge is what you get, you may know a lot, but not be a reasonable man. Knowledge, education, achievements, including in the military field, for destructions, mass murders – all are on one side, and on the other — the mind of a man that tells him to use all of these methods to kill himself because he is greedy, because he wants more money, more power since he is envious. These qualities make a person do so. It is the situation when the mind should prevail. An intelligent person is that man who has more of those feelings that suggest him not to do that. There are other senses — decency, honesty, conscience and compassion. Reference: Ruben Grigoryan — President of «Rutsog Invest», philanthropist. Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, «Honorary builder of Russia», one of the sponsors of the construction of the Church Complex of the Armenian Apostolic Church on the Olympic Avenue, the founder of the Armenian Museum in Moscow and Culture of Nations.  

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