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Вторник , 19 января 2021
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Human rights are most violated in Azerbaijan

Nils Muiznieks, Commissioner of the European Council for Human Rights, has said that the challenges in the area of ​​human rights exist in all countries of the Council of Europe, but most of all the human rights violations take place in Azerbaijan, as quoted by the newspaper «Kommersant». «All of my Azerbaijani partners — human rights activists, independent journalists are  in prison. They are convicted on charges that raise serious doubts. Sometimes they are accused of being spies and revolutionaries simultaneously «, stressed the commissioner. As recently stated by the U.S. State Department spokesman Marie Harf, the Azerbaijani authorities are not complying with their obligations in the area of ​​civil rights and liberties and unjustly keep in prison 12 journalists and bloggers.According to her, in Azerbaijan 12 journalists and bloggers are detained or sent to jail on the orders of the government.

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