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Пятница , Апрель 19 2019
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A new invention of ABBYY for former USSR nations

David Yan — founder and director of the board of ABBYY

ABBYY has released the electronic dictionary of the state languages of the CIS and Georgia. The dictionary has been developed in a joint project with the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation (IFESCCO). The electronic edition includes 27 modern dictionaries, containing a total of 1.1 millionentries.

«One of the key objectives of our foundation is to support and strengthen the national languages and national cultures.We hope that the dictionary will be indispensable to anyone who works with the national languages of the CIS andGeorgia, or wants to study them, ” said the IFESCCO executive director Anatoly Iksanov.

The e-dictionary of official languages of the CIS and Georgia is based on the ABBYY Lingvo — one of the most well-known electronic dictionaries in Russia. It includes 11 national languages: Azerbaijani, Armenian, Belarusian, Kazakh,Kyrgyz, Moldovan, Tajik, Turkmen, Russian, Uzbek, Ukrainian and Georgian.

1.000 CD copies of the e-dictionary are released; each of them gives opportunities to install the program on 5computers. The e-dictionary will be distributed on a non-commercial basis.

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